nursing ethics paper

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Finally, this section offers topics pertaining to the need to guard patients’ privacy.

Are you trying to teach your students more about what it means to be a nurse? In addition to learning the medicine, your students will also have to understand more about the ethical issues that come into play in nursing. After all, it is important for every nurse or nursing patient to think about what is right and wrong in this important field.

This section offers topics that will help students think through the importance of guiding nursing patients toward autonomy.

Step 2: Research & taking notes.

In this step, you will carry out preliminary study on the thesis and topic. When writing the essay, you may find that you will need to seek additional information. There are different sources that you can use to find information. These include:

Made of a sentence that is clear, single and succinct Should express your position, idea or perspective Shouldn’t include specific evidence or argument Shouldn’t use the language of the first person Shouldn’t describe the topic Should be located close to the introduction sentence. Step 4: Body & conclusion.

This is where you will review and also revise the paper when reading the draft and making the necessary changes to the content.

A strong ethical component undergirds the nursing profession. Nurses have an express duty to care, and we are driven by the desire to help others. When completing the “My Nursing Ethic” questionnaire, I was asked to search for the roots of my passion and motivation. I was also asked to consider who or what inspires me, and to whom I am loyal. It is this latter question that becomes the most challenging, because nurses will often discover they have conflicting loyalties. Most of the ethical challenges I have encountered as a nurse stem from my grappling with conflicting roles, duties, and responsibilities.

Simone Roach has established 5Cs for caring: compassion, competence, confidence, conscience, and commitment. Compassion is a gut-wrenching feeling we feel at others’ agonies. This is what is experienced rather than what is learned in theory and is the basic attitude of caregivers. Competence is a professional coping ability and one’s state of acquired knowledge, judging capability, skills, energy, experiences, and motivation. Confidence is the quality of fostering trusting relationships. Without that the essence of caring is lost. Conscience can be defined as a state of moral awareness, and it urges people to take moral actions. Commitment is necessary for confirming other 4Cs. This is a sort of devotion, because professional care is a form of love which entails a personal commitment (Tschudin 2002).

As just described, the nursing workforce migration from poor countries to wealthy countries has caused various problems, such as expansion of the rich-poor gap and unfairness. Is it morally acceptable to recruit nurses from developing countries in such a reckless manner? Some argue, referring to the A. H. Aiken’s article, that it is not acceptable, and, in the first place, wealthy countries have to address the nurse shortage by making effort for achieving self-sufficiency in their health workforces. Regarding the reckless recruitment, recruitment agencies seem to play active roles in the global healthcare market (Hirschfeld 2008). With this information, international society began making guidelines for nursing recruitment. The UK issued international recruitment guidelines in 1999 and 2001, and the USA did in 2005, which prohibited nurse recruitment from countries experiencing nurse shortages unless there is an explicit government to-government agreement to promote recruitment. However, the main focus of each guideline varies depending on countries.